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All coaching sessions are done over Zoom to accommodate a variety of locations and time zones. We are proud to work with clients from all over the world.

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to make a change?
If you are ready to live more consciously, get clear about your goals, and secure the balanced, productive life you know you can create – this 1:1 coaching programme is for you.


Learning to be the boss of your own brain is the best way to achieve exactly what you want in your professional and personal life.With my coaching programme, we zero-in on your strengths, change behaviours, and work to create a specific plan to actually get the results you want.


Ready to make that change and get closer to the life you want?

Consolidate to Grow Mastermind - Now Enrolling for September

Consolidate to Grow is a 16 weeks Mastermind group coaching programme for high-achieving women ready to figure out their next extraordinary goals and make them happen, without the stress. 

Finding time to slow down, reflect, and get clarity around your next aspiration is hard to do. I have been where you are – and I’ve helped dozens of people go from being uncertain, frustrated and stuck to confident, excited, with clarity about their future.

With Consolidate to Grow, you will get comfortable pushing through discomfort, have time every week to reflect and get clear on your goals. Additionally, you will learn self-coaching skills, make decisions without mental drama, and join a community of likeminded, driven women who make sure you have your own back while they motivate you to aspire for more. 

You’ve got goals. 

Now get the support and coaching to achieve them! 

Join the extraordinary group of women ready to invest in themselves and start turning their ideas into action. 

What Our Clients Say
“I worked with Claudia over 12 sessions and thoroughly benefited from the journey. She was always prepared yet open-minded with what I wanted to discuss. She provided useful and specific frameworks for life/work situations and got me to dig deeper through incisive and thoughtful questions. I was most impressed by her ability to deliver an experience that balanced heart and mind. The increased awareness of how I feel, think, and react has tremendous impact not only on myself but everyone around me. Claudia’s temperament makes the process fun and like an adventure; by taking the stress out, we got more out of each session!”
Head of Advisory, Wealth Management
I did the Master Your Mind programme with Claudia as my goal was to grow my business. She was able to help me see my mind more clearly and brought to light some of the negative beliefs I was carrying about myself and my capabilities. With her help, I was not only able to challenge these beliefs but also find evidence that those weren’t true. This had an immediate impact on my business and resulted in me getting more clients even before the programme ended. She also helped me gain confidence in my offer which reduced my indulgence in my mind drama. The programme was a very valuable experience.
Life Coach
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