- Leading From Within

You want to know HOW to be this inspiring leader and have read every leadership book out there BUT here is the secret….

Stop focussing on how to lead others, and focus instead on leading yourself.

That’s when everything changes.

You have been in various senior positions for years. Yet, you still feel at times you are pretending – projecting the image of someone who is always confident and in control of situations.

Your boss, your colleagues, your clients all see you as a rising star, but you still stress and worry about not making enough of an impact.

Well, it’s time for you to REALISE & BELIEVE you REALLY are THAT GOOD and start being the Inspiring leader that you have always intended to be.

Are you tired of feeling like you always have to put on a show;

The worst part is whilst there ARE days where you feel on top of the world & confident of who you are, there are also days where you carry a different side to yourself;

Mentally & Physically Exhausting !

It is mentally and physically exhausting, and here is the thing – you are creating SO MUCH unnecessary suffering for yourself, in addition to wasted time !

I had the same experience in my corporate career. When I started as a graduate on the trading floor, there were not many senior women for me to look up to as role modes. When I looked around the female Managing Directors, I felt that compared to me they were all very direct, blunt, happy to engage in confrontations and just generally aggressive by nature.

I started to believe that therefore in order to have a successful career I need to be just like them in terms of leadership style. However, this me feel insecure and like an impostor because I was trying to imitate someone else, rather than be true to myself. And I now realise this is STILL what happens today with everyone, as I see it all the time with my clients.

My clients do not understand why feelings of imposter are still there today despite all their numerous promotions they have had along the way. But the insecurity feelings are still there because they are still often in situations putting on a persona, imitating how they believe a successful leader talks, engages, acts and thinks. 

So many of us are imitating what we believe is the right way to show up and be a figure of authority. And through the coaching work with me, I show them that what they need to do is put all that external influence to one side. 

What they really need to do, is to set that aside and identify what is important to them, what is their life philosophy, their value system. Once they feel truly confident in their own skin, then they will have 100% belief in their value.

Instead, we discover what’s really important to you, establish your life and business philosophy, your value system, and what you stand for. Once you feel confident in your own skin and have 100% belief in the value you bring to your business, stakeholders, clients, peers, then everything falls into place. And the result? You no longer have to figure out how to lead, but you simply show up and be yourself and find yourself now a role model and a figure of influence


Stop those doubts and unhelpful mind spirals and instead lean in to discovering WHO you are as a Leader, and the HOW to lead will naturally follow.  In order to become the inspiring leader you desire to be, you need to stop looking around you for the blueprint and start looking within.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Everyone!

How would it feel to stop comparing yourself to everyone around you? To stop looking over your shoulder to see what your peers are doing, worrying if you are making enough of an impact at work?

Imagine no longer spending energy trying to figure out HOW to increase your visibility, HOW to create more of an impact, instead, you replace this mental drama with creativity, thinking about the future… Instead, you find yourself showing up to work inspired and excited at the impact and change that you are creating. 

All of a sudden, you realise that low hum anxiety has dissipated, and replaced with a quiet confidence. People are coming to you to seek your advice, you are being asked if you could share your story as people want to know how you do it all.

And instead of feeling like you are in constant “ON” mode, you now purposely slow things down to get more done. The constant hamster wheel feeling is gone. 

You notice that your daily emotions are no longer linked to the results of the day, because you are focussed and clear on the long term bigger picture. You have clarity on what your life philosophy and purpose is.

This CAN be your reality.


Become the inspiring leader you desire to be by looking within you for the blueprint, instead of around you.

This 12 week program is designed to help Leaders discover their unique path to creating the impact they know they’re meant for, in a way that is done from a place of conviction and passion, which is what has people start noticing you in a different way, and you will soon find opportunities will begin flowing your way.

You are seen as a high achiever, and know you want to do more….create more impact somehow. But you feel stuck and frustrated not knowing the best path forward. 

This 12 week programme will have you : 

– Letting go of any past criticism that you now carry as truth

– Shed the trauma of past projects not turning out the way that you wanted to  that didn’t go your way as the reason you can’t be the leader you aspire to be.

– Changing the emotion that is driving you from from pressure to excitement

-Walk away believing that you can do your job without stress being your motivator, and instead find yourself thinking at a higher level than ever before, creating change quicker and with greater impact.

In this small group container, you get all the benefits of individual coaching as well as being inspired and learning from others. The setting has you diving deep into all things that are holding you back and reflecting on all the potential things that would need to change

  • What does impactful leadership mean to you?
  • What are the values and beliefs guiding your decisions?
  • How do you want success to be measured?
  • What is your current mission statement guiding you?
  • What is your unique value proposition?
  • What is your voice and what do you stand for?

By the end of this programme, you will find that you no longer waste time on managing your mind and instead show up on a daily basis in meetings unapologetically speaking your truth, sharing your vision, ideas and leaning into all the best ways in creating value. 

You will know what your value offering is, and how you create it. You will have your long term vision plan and strategy mapped out for the future. You will have confidence in knowing WHO you are at work and what you stand for. 

The result of this, you feel more grounded, you access your flow state regularly, you no longer feel like you have to pretend, people FEEL your authenticity, people are connected and inspired by you, you no longer seek opportunities but they come to you….How many people you manage does not validate your success as a leader, instead your focus is on creating, innovating, looking out at the future, and leadership becomes a by product ENERGY that you exude.

You start to find yourself being a role model to others, no longer feeling like you have to work so hard to be seen and noticed, instead opportunities just start flooding in from all directions.

What Our Client Says


Over 12 weeks you will become the inspiring leader you desire to be by looking inwards instead of constantly looking external for inspiration, and will be guided along every step of the way.

Inside Unlock Your Leadership DNA you can expect

- 12 x weekly 60 minute group calls
- 1 x 60 mins individual strategy call
- Online community to continue engagement in between weekly calls

360 Audit

Before you start the work, you need to first do an honest stock take and assessment of where you are in both your career and role. Through this audit, you will identify your pain points and the root problems behind them, along with all the things you believe are holding you back from where you want to be.

Step 1

3V Framework

VALUES - Create your value proposition & identify your self concept as a leader so you can show up confidently leaning into your strengths, delegate confidently, know your boundaries and thereby increasing accessing your flow state.

VOICE - Know what you stand for and represent so you no longer have to pretend to be someone else that you think is an expert, you now see yourself as an expert.

VISION - Once you have your Value proposition and Voice nailed down, you now have clarity on the Strategic Outlook so you can clearly articulate not just the vision, but the why behind it and this is what has you inspiring others and seen as a changemaker / thought leader.

Step 2

Daily Guide

This is where we combine steps 1 & 2, so you can start taking daily action over the next 12 months to help you go from playing small in your head to boldly owning the stage you always wanted to.

Step 3
At the end of Step 2, through the 3V Framework, you will discover your Leadership Energy.
By the end of Step 3, you will find yourself naturally influencing outcomes, stakeholders, clients, colleagues and discover that YOU HAVE NATURALLY STEPPED INTO YOUR OWN UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC AND INSPIRING LEADERSHIP SELF CONCEPT

What Our Client Says

What if you could…



Now is the perfect time to start recognising exactly all the different ways you bring value, and why you are needed! You don’t need to worry about the type of leader you are, learn how to lead yourself first, and everything else then falls in place.

Fill in the application form and book a 30 minute call to see if you are a good fit.

Once you receive an offer, you have 48 hours to accept by making either payment:

“Unlock Your Leadership DNA runs every 3 months, the next programme starts on Thursday 22nd February 2024”

IT'S TIME. Stop Your Internal Rumination

You have a great bio to the external world, you have achieved so much, you are doing well by any means – and yet despite all of this, you carry this feeling of pressure and insecurity. 

It’s time to stop this mismatch. Stop wasting all your time unnecessarily with all this internal rumination and start really spending time on the things that you say matter to you.

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is at. 

It’s time. 

Let’s get going on all that future change you want to create.

Start the work today on truly understanding what your DNA is that sets you apart, and leadership is no longer something you aspire to, but rather is an energy you exude.

If you don’t act now, you risk taking on other people’s image of what a Leader looks like, and those doubts that you have of not being good enough the way you are, and the need to be like others, start to become complete truths to you. 

You continue to waste so much energy and time in your head worrying, rather than directing your brain with creative big thinking, and focussing on how you are going to create that impact and change that you know is inside of you that you want to get out.

Learn how to lead yourself first and everything else follows. 

There is no other program out there like this one.

Hi, I’m Claudia Curran, Founder of The Inner Impact.

Prior to being a coach, I was a Finance Executive with over 20 years in the industry, my last role being the Managing Director for the Asia office of a global multi-billion dollar hedge fund. 

However, what I feel truly sets me apart as a coach is my corporate experience combined with my personal journey. My story goes beyond professional achievements; it’s about resilience and transformation.

Struggling with grief and acute anxiety for nearly a decade, I discovered the incredible power of thought management along with regulating your nervous system. This discovery not only transformed my life but also ignited my passion for helping others.

Over the last 4 years, I have worked with both corporates and executives, helping people shed their imposter feelings, helping Founders grow their business from a place of purpose of ease and showing them it doesn’t always have to be from a place of hustle and stress.

That it’s not about learning how to lead, or what needs to be done, but rather realising what their unique offering is, leaning into that – and what happens is you discover you start to naturally inspire people and that is what leadership is.

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