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The Self Mentoring Academy

Most of us have never truly invested in understanding our minds. We go through life believing that our character and behaviour are the results of how our brains were designed, that our emotions and reactions are beyond our control.
Whether consciously or not, we often think that we are destined to be just the way we are.  This is simply not true. 

Learn How to be The CEO of your Brain

Without any doubt: YOU are the best mentor for yourself because you have the knowledge and power to effect change in yourself more effectively than anyone else ever can. 

If everyone received a “guaranteed” formula on how to make a million dollars, I can equally guarantee that not everyone will make that $1 million. Why? Because the formula is not taking into consideration the largest variable – the HUMAN FACTOR.

That is, how people think about challenges, uncertainty, failures, goals and, most importantly, how they think about themselves. 

This is why in the very first instance, the best mentor you can have has to be you, because you first have to learn how to get out of your own way.

It Is Time To Unlock Lasting Self-Confidence

Have you ever felt elated after finishing a project or accomplishing something special, before suddenly being overcome by anxiety and worries that you could have made a mistake or done better?

“It may not be as good as I think it is.” 

“Someone else would most likely have done a better job.”

Why Do You Do This?

You do this because you feel that this type of self-talk is helpful in pushing yourself to strive for a higher standard for success. You may even believe it is partly how you got to where you are today.


Instead of being helpful, it actually has you unconsciously falling into an exhausting hustle culture. You have never known how to create results and success without stress, and so now, you are scared to simply relax and be satisfied with what you have achieved so far. 

You fear that if you are simply content with where you are at, this might mean you have lost the drive for success, for growth… and so, where you go from here? What would drive you?

That unhelpful way of creating pressure for ourselves stops here!

About Me

I’m Claudia,​

I am Claudia, your coach, and creator of The Self Mentoring Academy. At one stage, I was consumed by fear and anxiety, tormented by thoughts that continued to break me down. On the outside, I looked like I had it all figured out – running the Asia office for a hedge fund, having an amazing family, and wonderful friends, and yet, no one knew the crippling anxiety, stress and self-doubt I struggled with every day. 

For years I felt powerless and like I had no control over what happens to me in life… until I realised that this was not the case, but rather, I just didn’t understand how my brain operates. I did not know that I can control my brain and make it work FOR me, rather than the other way around!

Over the years, I received lots of coaching, became a double certified coach, honed my ability to self-coach and learnt how to trust that I am my own best mentor first and foremost for every aspect of life – be that career to personal matters.

And I realised that most of us just don’t know HOW to be this to ourselves. I want to make sure that EVERYONE learns how to manage their brain so they realise they are ALWAYS in full control of their life.

I also want to make the results my individual clients achieve accessible and affordable to everyone.


Through analysing thousands of hours I spent coaching my clients, from CEOs to Stay At Home Moms, reviewing the common struggles, how they learnt to unlock their insecurities, developed self confidence, and created their desired success…..I translated it all into a programme that has resulted in 

“The Self Mentoring Academy”

The Self Mentoring Academy is an online portal offering video tutorials and workbooks on all the essentials you need to know in order to think, strategise and problem-solve at the highest level.

There are 8 modules, packed with tools and concepts, each having its own corresponding workbook, so that once you learn the concept, you then immediately relate the theory to your life and put it in practice.

Module 1 : The Essentials – learn the fundamentals on how to Self Mentor

Module 2 : Own Your Narrative – make sure the stories you tell yourself serve you.

Module 3: Overwhelmed? – Learn what to do when you find yourself in this place. 

Module 4: Improve your most Important Relationship – Yourself. Increase your self trust & confidence in no time.

Module 5 : Calming Your System Down – Discover tools for when you find yourself anxious and stressed.

Module 6 : Become a CEO Decision Maker – Use frameworks to ensure you make decisions powerfully and confidently.

Module 7 : Problem Solving – never be stuck or confused again.

Module 8 : Creating Success – looking to create success but not sure how: look no further! Own how you create success.

With The Self Mentoring Academy, you can set yourself on the path to ensure that you are in the driver’s seat of your own well-being and success. It’s time to start creating and living the life that YOU want. 

Master Self-Mentoring And Live Up To Your Full Potential With Confidence. It Is All Within Your Reach.

The Self Mentoring Academy will teach you vital tools to more authentically embrace who you are and coach yourself past roadblocks and self-sabotage, so you can truly realize your full potential.

What you get with The Self Mentoring Academy

Lifetime access to the online programme of videos and resources

Start anywhere in the programme that is relevant to you on that day, choose from modules such as “Decision Making Time!” or “Stuck in Procrastination”, etc. Each video is 5 – 30 minutes long, with a workbook.

BONUS: Regular coaching calls every month

Available for all members, there will be group calls every month for coaching on any pain points. Benefit from an open community of like-minded people dedicated to learning together and from each other.

BONUS: At least three new masterclass workshops a year
  1. Offered free to members, with replays made available in the portal. These sessions are chargeable to non-members.


Our Brain Is Our Most Valuable TOOL, And Like All Tools, The End Result Depends Not On The Tool Itself But Rather On How SKILLED The User Is. The User Must Learn And Know How To Best Use The Tool To Get The Most Out Of It.

This is what The Self Mentoring Academy is all about. I will teach you the skills and techniques of how to make sure you can get your brain to work FOR you, rather than against you. 

These techniques include:

Master Self-Mentorship

The Result Is Undeniably Powerful: A Strong Sense Of Self. 

No more second guessing, deferring to others to make major decisions for you, playing second fiddle while wishing you had the courage to be the leader. 

With the help of The Self Mentoring Academy, you have all it takes within you to be that confident, decisive and successful person in both your personal and professional life. The bonus? Reduced stress as you no longer need to “hustle” in order to live your best, allowing you to be more present in life with those you love.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.


Self Study



Life time access to The Self Mentoring portal

36 videos accompanied by Workbooks for each video

At least three new free masterclass workshops a year

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