Rose’s Story

Rose just finished her first program with Claudia two weeks ago, and has renewed for a second round….We chatted with Rose about her experience of 1:1 coaching with Claudia. She kindly agreed to sharing her experiences with you.

Did you have an idea on what coaching is about before starting with Claudia?
“Yes, I’ve worked with a number of coaches over the past couple years.”

What made you reach out to her when you did?
“I’ve worked with coaches that are focused on life or personal issues, but many of them didn’t have long or serious careers before becoming a coach. I needed to work through issues that were linked with work. When I met Claudia at an investment event, I immediately felt a connection and trust level in her ability to guide me professionally given her extensive personal career growth and experience. “

What were the main expectations / goals you were hoping to achieve in your time together?
“I was stuck. Having taken on a new role in the organization, I needed to craft my new vision in a space where I don’t have extensive knowledge and experience. I kept telling myself a story about what I didn’t know and ended up not taking action as I should. I came to Claudia for help.”

What is the most important discovery you made?
“This has been life changing. I went from avoiding work and waking up dreading what I needed to do, to waking up in the middle of the night wanting to start working on this new project. She helped me to craft the new role in a way that made sense for me, that I could be passionate about. Now I’m feeling like I’ve found a new calling for myself.” 

For someone who is considering with Claudia, is there anything that you would like to share with them?
“Do it. Try it. Investing in yourself and your mindset is one of the best investments you can make and Claudia really knows her stuff. I’m a firm believer that the return on this investment of time and money will pay off more than most other things you can opt for.”

What Our Clients Say
“I worked with Claudia over 12 sessions and thoroughly benefited from the journey. She was always prepared yet open-minded with what I wanted to discuss. She provided useful and specific frameworks for life/work situations and got me to dig deeper through incisive and thoughtful questions. I was most impressed by her ability to deliver an experience that balanced heart and mind. The increased awareness of how I feel, think, and react has tremendous impact not only on myself but everyone around me. Claudia’s temperament makes the process fun and like an adventure; by taking the stress out, we got more out of each session!”
Head of Advisory, Wealth Management
I did the Master Your Mind programme with Claudia as my goal was to grow my business. She was able to help me see my mind more clearly and brought to light some of the negative beliefs I was carrying about myself and my capabilities. With her help, I was not only able to challenge these beliefs but also find evidence that those weren’t true. This had an immediate impact on my business and resulted in me getting more clients even before the programme ended. She also helped me gain confidence in my offer which reduced my indulgence in my mind drama. The programme was a very valuable experience.
Life Coach
Claudia was nothing short of amazing! I found our sessions enlightening and inspiring. She helped me to focus my thoughts and intentions and realise what it was I actually needed to achieve. She gave me great ideas on how to pursue my objectives and encouraged me to move forward without the restriction of fear. Claudia doesn’t just say she cares, she really does and follows up with my progress after each meeting. I have since found a renewed sense of confidence and am excited about what lies ahead. The outlook is sunny!
Business Owner
Before receiving coaching from Claudia, I was unhappy, confused and unsure of how to get out of the career rut that I was in. Claudia has since helped me conquer my fears, empowered me with confidence and equipped me with useful tools to regain control of my professional career. Her patience, empathy and encouragement has helped me find light at the end of the tunnel and regain excitement about my career.Claudia is a brilliant coach - I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional career guidance and advice.
Claudia has helped me to gain a refreshed perspective on my career. After a few sessions I have developed better insight on how to navigate and overcome roadblocks in the workplace. She is an astute, perceptive and encouraging coach and I would highly recommend working with Claudia if you are looking to become equipped and empowered to progress your career. Each session has been a venue to discuss key issues and make more conscious decisions, all of which I have found invaluable as I move to more senior roles in my profession.
Investment Bank, VP
Claudia's mentorship and advice has been absolutely transformative towards my personal growth career wise. She exuberates warmth and sincerity and has made me feel very comfortable in sharing my fears and challenges. More importantly, she is the only career/personal coach I have met who I feel is able to understand the professional nuances because of her prior career. Claudia has encouraged me to be more confident about what I can achieve, and taught me step by step on how I can work towards achieving my longer term goals.
Alternative Energy, Investor Relations
Claudia at the Inner Impact gets results. My anxiety is a life-long issue and dealing with it head on with Claudia is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now even when I have anxiety I know how to accept it and use it for my greatest results. Thank you Claudia! You changed me!
Publishing, Sales Executive
Before working with Claudia I was struggling to “move on or move away” from old and negative thoughts. Claudia I worked using some of her really effective techniques to help create a real shift in my viewpoint. It changed my interactions with my business and with complex family dynamics. I could literally feel the weight lifting and the path ahead becoming clear.
Utilities, Director
“First of all, why did I never talk to a coach before? Well, that's easy, because working with a coach is so unlike me. What could another person possibly know more or better about me than myself? Surely coaching is just another hype making good money for those who preach it. Well... turns out I was wrong. Very wrong. I remember going into my first meeting thinking "what on earth are we gonna talk about, I don't have any big problems to discuss". Well... turns out I was wrong on that as well. The first meeting focused on what I believed was an issue that might be good to have out of the way somehow, but already in the second meeting we found out that this was just a distraction with the actual roots of the issue much deeper. Unreal. There's no way I could've come up with these insights myself. The awareness that it gave me and the strength to refocus on what's really important (both professionally and privately), were beyond what I had hoped to get out of talking to Claudia. Looking back, it still seems kind of amazing what we managed to get out of those sessions. I highly recommend Claudia's coaching to anyone, especially for people in finance as she has a very profound understanding of the sector.”
Partner, Asset Management
Claudia’s programme offers a safe space to go beyond our thoughts and to draw upon what it is that you truly want. She is smart, kind, compassionate, generous but mostly full of genuine motivation to help see you fulfil your goals. I recently completed the 6 week programme and enjoyed every session, coming away feeling lighter, clearer and inspired. Claudia goes above and beyond what she offers, and would regularly check in with me when I had checked out and be sure I was doing the work! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She will help you get the results you want and the journey will be fun, rewarding and life changing
Luxury Goods, Consultant
Claudia of the Inner Impact has been a very important part of my healing process of a traumatic experience leaving me feeling anxious and having anxiety attacks. She has a wonderful insight into what I maybe going through and helps calm my anxiety levels through her coaching methods.
Entrepreneur, Cosmetics
"Claudia is kind, generous, and incredibly fun! Her temperament makes the process like a self discovery adventure. She has wonderful insights on what I might be going through and helped ease my anxiety levels through her coaching and some of her very effective techniques.I enjoyed every session. It was inspiring, weight lifting and tension relieving, and made the path ahead of me clearer. The increased awareness of how I react to circumstances and situations has tremendous impact not only on myself but people around me."
Jing Jing
Business Finance Manager, Technology
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