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All coaching sessions are one-on-one and available in-person, over the telephone or via video call to accommodate a variety of locations and time zones. We are proud to work with clients from all over the world.

Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck in a rut, overwhelmed or struggling to find purpose in life? Life is fast-paced and complex, not always leaving time and space for us develop self-awareness for how and why we feel and react to things the way we do. At The Inner Impact, we help you discover and address what is holding you back from achieving what you want, offering an active listening ear and practical techniques to set you on a course of empowered discovery of yourself for increased emotional health and success.

Executive coaching

Are you struggling with challenges that concern your career development and work life? Professional growth is a continuous process that presents many exciting opportunities to learn and advance in our technical and interpersonal skills. It also requires adapting to new paradigms while working in evolving structures, teams and cultures. This can often also bring up insecurity, fear of failure and feelings of isolation and stress. Our coaching process is tailored to each individual with a systematic approach to build self-knowledge and awareness, and the development of goals and the steps required to achieve them.


The Inner Impact offers a one-year mentoring programme for clients seeking consistent holistic guidance for both personal and professional development over a longer period of time. Sessions can tackle questions and issues with work life balance, professional life, career development, stress management and finding purpose and clarity.

What Our Clients Say
Claudia has helped me to gain a refreshed perspective on my career. After a few sessions I have developed better insight on how to navigate and overcome roadblocks in the workplace. She is an astute, perceptive and encouraging coach and I would highly recommend working with Claudia if you are looking to become equipped and empowered to progress your career. Each session has been a venue to discuss key issues and make more conscious decisions, all of which I have found invaluable as I move to more senior roles in my profession.
Investment Bank, VP
Claudia's mentorship and advice has been absolutely transformative towards my personal growth career wise. She exuberates warmth and sincerity and has made me feel very comfortable in sharing my fears and challenges. More importantly, she is the only career/personal coach I have met who I feel is able to understand the professional nuances because of her prior career. Claudia has encouraged me to be more confident about what I can achieve, and taught me step by step on how I can work towards achieving my longer term goals.
Alternative Energy, Investor Relations
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