Meet Claudia

Born to Swiss and Chinese parents and raised in Hong Kong
Claudia left for boarding school in the UK at age 16, before going on to graduate from Edinburgh University. She then began a successful career in Finance through the graduate training program at Salomon Smith Barney, now known as Citi. After almost a decade, she decided to take time off, following the birth of her first child.


Devastating events
A year into marriage, Claudia’s husband was diagnosed with leukaemia. While his treatment was ongoing, they lost their second child at full term. These sudden and devastating events unfolding in a matter of months were an extreme burden on her system. In trying to cope with the stress and grief, she started to suffer from severe anxiety.


Chronic anxiety
A few years later in 2012, Claudia and her family moved to Singapore where she had been tasked with a great opportunity to set up and manage the Asia office of a UK-based hedge fund. During this time, her family, friends and colleagues had little knowledge about the extent of her struggle with anxiety. For Claudia, what had started out as occasional panic attacks grew to a level of chronic anxiety. Her mind was clouded with intense feelings of fear and expectations of the worst outcome in any health or safety situation, especially when it concerned her children. 

Wake-up call
Claudia recalls attempting to deal with her anxiety over the course of 10 years, not knowing where to start.  She went away for girls’ weekends and health retreats, attending yoga and mindfulness classes, but nothing seemed to lessen the anxiety. Her big wake-up call came one day while sitting in her parked car, when she experienced a bout of anxiety so intense that she thought she was having a heart attack. At that moment, Claudia decided that it was time to deal with this issue head-on and overcome it once and for all.


In addition to researching and practicing techniques for wellness and stress management, Claudia sought out coaching to address her ever growing anxiety. These efforts resulted in a 180-degree transformation in mindset, resilience and attitude, freeing Claudia of the panic attacks. Having experienced the power of turning her own life around also ignited in Claudia a passion to help others using the tools she learned, moving her to become a licensed executive and life coach.


Today, Claudia helps clients who struggle with anxiety, stress, mental blocks, insecurity and personal development. Her desire is to help them gain control by steering their thoughts and actions in healthy and constructive ways, instead of feeling powerless or overwhelmed by the events and challenges in their personal as well as professional life.

Claudia speaks from experience. After overcoming severe panic attacks, she found her devotion and developed herself into a highly respected Performance Coach, working with individuals and corporates.

Claudia lives in Ireland, with her husband, their 2 beautiful daughters and their black Labrador. 

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